PixelJunk Eden Plays Encore In April

PixelJunk Eden Plays Encore In April

Fans of Q Games PixelJunk series should set aside some time in April, as the Encore expansion for last year’s rather awesome PixelJunk Eden will hit PlayStation 3s next month.

Q’s Dylan Cuthbert writes on the official PlayStation blog that PixelJunk Eden Encore adds “zero gravity, mirror worlds, all new music from Baiyon” and “something extra special at the end which is a Big Secret(tm) and is a present to all the fans.” Cuthbert also teases “PixelJunk #4” which he says the developer is slaving away on.

As both Cuthbert and music man Baiyon are scheduled to be at next week’s Game Developers Conference, we hope that we get a sneak peek at what that might be.

All Busy on the PixelJunk Front [PlayStation.blog]

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