Porn Star Reviews Xbox 360 'Rumble Massage'

Adult video actress Stoya reviews Rumble Massage, an Xbox LIVE Marketplace title created by a member of the Xbox Community. She also name drops Sid Meier and Steve Jobs.

Stoya's review is, well, a straight up review. Her opinion: "Awkward and loud." Would she use it in her professional life? "No."

While Rumble Massage is available for 200 Microsoft Points, Stoya is plastered all over the internet for free in manners that could be considered both "awkward" and "loud." Such is life!

Video Exclusive: Adult Film Star Stoya Reviews 'Rumble Massage' [G4TV via Fleshbot NSFW]


    I would crawl naked over a mile of broken glass to smell one of her farts through a walkie talkie.

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