Prince Of Persia Creator Pens Fathom Movie

Jordan Mechner, the famed creator of the original Prince of Persia game, has been tapped to write Fathom, the movie adaptation of the popular comic book.

The Fathom comic book, created by the late Michael Turner, follows the story of Aspen, a member of an aquatic race of humans called the Blue, discovering her heritage and the power to control water after being raised by normal, land-based human beings. Mechner is penning the script, making this his second stab at screen writing a major feature film, with the upcoming live-action Prince of Persia film being his first, along with a couple of documentary credits. It should be relatively easy for him though, seeing as he has a wealth of comic book material to draw reference from.

Perhaps even more exciting that Mechner's writing is the fact that Transformers co-star Megan Fox has been tagged to play Aspen. I don't normally rawr, but in this case...rawr.

Megan Fox looking at Fathom, Jonah Hex [The Hollywood Reporter]


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