Protect Your Gil With The Final Fantasy XI Security Token

The newly-announced Square Enix Security Token will keep dirty hacker hands off your hard-earned gil via the magic of the constantly-changing login password.

Much like the Blizzard Authenticator released for World of Warcraft last year, the Square Enix Security Token is an actual physical device that, when linked to your Final Fantasy Online account, generates a constantly changing password that you can use to log in to your game account securely. It's a simple way to keep your items and in-game currency from suddenly disappearing from you in the middle of the night.

Square Enix has yet to set a price or release date for the Security Token, but with the added incentive of an exclusive in-game item with every Token purchase, it's sure to sell like gangbusters once Square Enix releases it via the PlayOnline Store.

Introducing the Square Enix Security Token [Final Fantasy XI]


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