PS3 Breaks 2 Million, PSP Breaks 3 Million

Months before its second anniversary and in a crap world economy, Sony's PLAYSTATION 3 console has sold 2 million units in the United Kingdom.

"It's a premium product, so therefore it costs a premium price, and that does give us issues in terms of the expected sell-through that analysts and the media want," explains Sony Computer Entertainment UK's Ray Maguire, "but actually when you look at it in isolation: close to a million units in a year which is really tough, at a premium price, actually shows that's a great number."

What's more, the PS3 United Kingdom sales show great potential. Meaning? If the price went down, you'd see higher sales. "We have potentially more longevity in PLAYSTATION 3 than we had in the previous PlayStations," Maguire added, "simply because if the price goes down we've still got a massive market place to sell in to."

All this talk about price drops, hrm, hrm, hrm.

Sony also announced that the PSP has reached the three million milestone in the UK.

PlayStation 3 hits 2 million in the UK [GamesIndustry][Pic]


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