PS3 Red Alert 3 Might Be Worth The Wait

PS3 Red Alert 3 Might Be Worth The Wait

PlayStation 3 owners looking to get their hands on Red Alert 3 have been a patient bunch. And their patience looks to have been rewarded with a superior version of the game.

Along with a bunch of free stuff that was only previously available to those who picked up the special edition of the PC version, EA have revealed that the PS3 version of the game looks better than the 360 one, a rare treat for games that are essentially “ported” over from Microsoft’s console.

See, rather than rush out a sub-par PS3 version like some other developers have been known to do, EA delayed Red Alert 3 so they could get to grips with their PS3 dev kits and actually do the version right. Which looks to have paid off, with everything from the colour palette through to water effects and the detail on the units themselves looking better on PS3 than 360.

The PS3 can do amazing things. We’ve seen this on many of the system’s exclusive titles. We’ve also seen amazing things on games that were developed with the PS3 as the lead system (like Burnout Paradise). It’s nice to finally see a third-party developer taking the time to make sure games originally developed for the 360/PC can look amazing, too.

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