PSN Title PAIN Offers Dick's Balls

Troubled comedian Andy Dick has done voice work for PlayStation Network's PAIN. Dick, who is currently sober, will also lend his likeness to the game.

Dick blogs:

basically, i screamed for two hours. if you have ever had the urge to beat my scrawny, lily-white arse, now you can, literally... virtually. as for my stimulant use today, i do have to admit, i went overboard with green tea and coffee. it really jacked me up, and i loved it!

The funny man screamed things like "Launch your dick in the air" during the voice sessions. The behind-the-scenes clip Dick posted shows Sony developers talking about PAIN trophies like "Dick's Balls." Geddit?

PAIN, the video game, recording session clips [sober andy Thanks, Carlos!]


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