Quantum Of Solace Hits Blu-Ray and DVD

Quantum-of-Solace-Blu-Ray.jpgWhen it exploded onto the big screen late last year, the latest 007 incarnation, Quantum Of Solace, not only spawned a not too shabby video game and smashed a kajillion box office records, but helped introduce a shitload whole heap of new fans to the 007 franchise while it was at it. And now, with the film's DVD and Blu-Ray available to rent or buy, QOS is set to make even more fans.

Starring Daniel Craig in his second spin in the Bond franchise, QOS has everything a Bond film should have: fast cars, over-the-top special effects, gadgets, slimy baddie sidekicks and a Bond girl with six fingers. The Blu-Ray is packed full of special features, including behind-the-scenes featurettes, crew files, plus a music video for "Another Way to Die" featuring Jack White and Alicia Keys. So grab a copy and check it out for yourselves.


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