Rag Doll Kung Fu Coming To PlayStation Network

Pretty sure this version was announced last year, but until today, we'd heard squat. So it's nice to see Rag Doll Kung Fu is not only alive and well, but on the brink of release.

Originally the creation of former Lionhead man Mark Healey, Rag Doll Kung Fu has become a bit of a cult hit on the PC, so shifting it on over to the PSN is a smart move. And an unsurprising one, what with Healey now being at LittleBigPlanet developers Media Molecule.

Indeed, if you squint hard enough at the trailer below, you'll see that Sackboys will feature in the game, which is billed as a "party game", but is obviously intended more as "Smash Bros on the PS3".

The game will be out on April 9.


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