Ratchet & Clank: Action Figures

And here we were thinking for a game series to get some action figures it had to be about men, blood and bloody men. No! Because DC Direct are bringing us Ratchet & Clank figures.

At the moment, we've got a single picture to go off, which reveals that there'll be at least three figures (Ratchet, Doctor Nefarious and Captain Quark), with each also including a bonus midget figure as well. Ratchet looks great, but what's wrong with Clank? Last time I checked, he had legs between his feet and his shiny metal ass...

DC Direct: A Little of What's to Come [Newsarama, via Joystiq]


    Where did u get those. U Gotta tell me Im a big fan of Rachet and Clank since i was 4.(im only 10 )

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