Real Estate Pros Value Digital Castles

Real Estate experts from Coldwell Banker and RE/MAX Allegiance weigh in on the pros and cons of the ten coolest video game castles in an inspired Maxim piece this month.

Castles from Fable 2, Mega Man 2, Zelda, Castle of Illusion, Ico, Mario, The Elder Scrolls III, Super Mario World, Castlevania and Castle Wolfenstein get the once over in the story.

The most valuable of the lot, according to at least one of the experts, is Castle Karstaag of The Elder Scrolls III.

DM: Tailored to those who love a winter getaway, Castle Karstaag rivals only the Fortress of Solitude as king of the ice castles. Oceanfront location makes it a covetable castle, although the interior could use a warm touch for those who easily tire of icy designs. Spacious throughout gives you room to entertain even the largest of guests and rearrange room structures at a moment's notice.
Estimated Value: 650,000 gold coins

BB: Built almost entirely out of ice, this oceanfront castle has a great view. A neat feature is the bedroom with a built-in pool-I hope it's heated! The large dining table in the banquet hall can fit giants and the ice torches never, and I mean never, burn out.
Estimated Value: A cool 1,500,000 gold coins

Worth a read and perhaps a bit of debate.

How Much Are Video Game Castles Worth?


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