Resident Evil 5 Cinematic Director In Talks To Make Capcom Movie

Jim Sonzero, the cinematic director for Resident Evil 5 has announced that he's in negotiations to direct a feature film version of a Capcom game franchise.

While he would not explicitly state what the live-action project is or give hints about which franchise it is, he did say he would direct it. (Why not wait until the official announcement?!)

Resident Evil 5 was the first time Sonzero worked on a game. He's previously worked mostly in TV commercials and music videos, co-directing the Mariah Carey video "Can't Let Go". His first feature film was Pulse, which was written by Nightmare on Elm Street creator Wes Craven and widely panned by movie critics.

"I am involved in motion-capture projects that are bringing this technology to advertisers," he told MTV Multiplayer. "But I am definitely very interested in taking cinematics to a whole new level and keep moving in this direction."

If this Capcom feature film doesn't work out, there's always Mariah Carey music video motion capture.

'Resident Evil 5′ Cinematic Director In Talks To Direct Capcom Movie [Multiplayer]


    On another note, those are not his original teeth.

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