Resident Evil 5 Outsells All UK Entertainment

Not only did Resident Evil 5 top UK game sales charts this weekend, it also outsold singles, albums, and films. Does this signal that games are the most popular entertainment medium in the UK?

Capcom's UK public relations company Monument PR seems to think so, issuing a press release titled "Game Dramatically Outsells Singles, Albums, Films - Games Now Most Popular Entertainment Medium in UK". They serve up several facts to back up their claim.

- Resident Evil 5 outsold EVERY ITEM in the UK Singles Chart (Based on physical and digital sales of UK Top 200)
- Resident Evil 5 outsold U2's chart-topping new album's total sales since release in ONE WEEKEND (in the UK)
- Resident Evil 5 grossed more than the top 5 movies in the UK this weekend - COMBINED (Source:

Certainly some impressive statistics, especially when you consider what the game was up against in UK theaters. Watchmen, sure... I could see Resident Evil beating that one, but Marley & Me?

Still, calling games the most popular entertainment medium in the UK might be jumping the gun a bit. How many people stayed home and watched quality BBC programming that weekend? How many spent a portion of the weekend illegally downloading music from the UK Top 200? It's nice to see a game like Resident Evil 5 outselling the hell out of everything, but we can't call it a victory just yet. Not until we make U2's Bono cry. We might have to team up with Marley & Me.


    Dear lord what i wouldn't give to see bono cry...
    ..Mind you not the soft hearted "feed the children" crocodile tears that he may normally cry...No - More like the broken weeping of a man defeated.. A soft hearted man defeated by masses howling for zombie blood and guts!

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