Re/Visioned Activision 2600 Classics Finally Arrive

In November of 2007, Gametap promised to continue their Re/Visioned animation series, with comic book talent taking on classic Atari 2600 games. Now those shorts have finally seen the light of day, and they're brilliant.

Since Gametap isn't quite the original content developer they used to be, the six animated shorts now appear on the Gametap YouTube channel, rather than getting the sort of attention the first season of Re/Visioned did with its unique takes on the Tomb Raider franchise. Still, fanfare or no, these are some brilliant cartoons. I particularly like comic book writer Christos Gage's take on Cosmic Ark, which was technically an Imagic game, but who's counting?

Below you will find comic legend Mark Waid's take on Kaboom, along with shorts for Pitfall, H.E.R.O., Freeway, and Pressure Cooker. You'll never look at your old favourite 2600 games the same way again.


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