Riddick Producer: 'Nintendo Wii Is An Effing Genesis'

Well, his language was a little more colourful. In a podcast with GameTrailers' Invisible Walls, developer Peter Wanat talks about Nintendo and the Nintendo Wii.

Wanat, whose credits include Scarface, Chronicles of Riddick and the forthcoming Wanted: Weapons of Fate, points out how most third party developers aren't finding success on the Wii — save for Ubisoft causal line-up. Since developers have difficulty making Wii-specific games and then porting them successfully to other platforms, Nintendo's console is not as attractive.

The developer is quick to praise Nintendo's first party titles and business savvy, but adds that third party developers shouldn't "have to get down on their knees to blow Nintendo" — or something to the effect. However, Nintendo's games, Wanat continues, feature "crappy graphics and basic control play" and are for "little kids and old people" as well as "hardcore Nintendo fanboys."

And about that "effing" SEGA Genesis comparison? I had a SEGA Genesis, and it was effing awesome...

...in 1989.

Invisible Walls [GT via PS3 Center]


    *gasp!* How dare he make the Genesis/ Mega Drive to the Wii comparison? Sacrilege!

    The Mega Drive was, is and forever will be more of a "true gamers" console then the Wii will ever be.

    ...and it's still awesome now.

    Streets of Rage, anyone?

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