Rock Band 2 on PS3 and Wii Dated for UK

Our friends across the pond who don't game on the 360 will be pleased to learn Rock Band 2's finally gotten its Great British release dates.

PlayStation 3 and PS2 gamers get the game March 27; Wii gamers will see it April 24. The game had been Xbox 360 exclusive in the UK since its release last year.

Further, the individual instruments have been priced. Guitars for £39.99, drums for £49.99, and an instruments-only bundle (git-tar, drums and mike) for £89.99.

Rock Band 2 Dated for UK Releases []


    Any word as to this is "Europe" - of which Australia is a PS region OR just Great Britain?

    The linked article says nothing...

    we're probably March 27th, just not until 2010 most likely.

    Maybe this means it won't be too long before I can finally use my GHWT drums in Rock Band. The fact that they never patched the RB1 PS3 version ticks me off a fair bit.
    But stupidly I still want to play the game.

    when do we get it in australia

    The UK release is PAL region coded. Does this mean I can import it and it'll play okay on my Australian console?

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