Rockstar Most Consistent Publisher, Ubisoft Least Consistent

Self-described Metacritic-expert Tim Sweezey over at GameQuarry.Com has a fascinating report up about the developers that are most consistent in publishing a certain quality of game.

In other words, their games are consistently good, bad, mediocre, just as long as they are consistent.

While on the one hand you might say that's not very worthwhile information for gamers, it does provide you insight into which publishers you can expect to not surprise you when it comes to quality of games.

For instance, Rockstar games is the most consistent, with 23 titles, most in the well-received range. While Ubisoft is the least consistent with 237 games spread across the board. Granted, 75 of their titles received an "F" and only 4 an "A".

The report offers interesting insight into, perhaps, how diligent a company is about their process of killing off and bolstering game ideas.

Before jumping to too many conclusions, you should keep in mind that this report was commissioned by an unnamed entity for public disclosure. It also would help if you took a look at the methodology used.

In a nutshell, Sweezey and crew looked at games for the PC, PS3, Xbox360, PSP, Wii, and the DS that came out from 2000 to 2008 and had a Metacritic score available based on at least four reviews.

Most / Least Consistent Publishers? [David Perry]


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