Rumor: Xbox 360 Elite To Become Xbox 360 Extinct

Microsoft may be putting the Xbox 360 Elite out to pasture, letting stock of its high-end version of the console slowly deplete, saving the hardware configuration for limited edition releases only.

According to Fudzilla, citing retail sources, Microsoft may be making the decision to whittle down its hardware lineup to accommodate retailer concerns and as part of a reaction to the economic climate. Perhaps those $400 USD Elites aren't moving as quickly as retailers would have hoped.

Fudzilla claims that the Elite flavour of the Xbox 360 would likely only be sold in North America and Europe, thereafter, and possibly only in limited edition packages. Microsoft is currently offering a Resident Evil 5 version of its Elite, bundled with a copy of the game and a unique hardware colour scheme.

We'd think that if Microsoft does plan to let the Elite die off, it would also do so as part of reaction to a PlayStation 3 price cut. If Sony does drop the price of the PS3, it would likely be below that of the Elite model, a hardware configuration that starts to have a weaker value proposition.

Fudzilla has been on target with its Microsoft-based rumours before, accurately pegging the announcement of DirectX 11 and laying out plans for cutbacks at the company. Microsoft later said that the outlet's figures were "exaggerated."

We've reached out to Microsoft for comment, but have yet to receive a response.

Could sales of the Xbox Elite be ending? [Fudzilla]


    I agree the price for the 120GB drive is ridiculous.
    But I've had my Elie since launch and it still has 113GB free.

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