Rumour: You Got 'The Touch' In Guitar Hero

What Stan Bush wants, Stan Bush gets. His motivational power jam "The Touch," featured so prominently in the animated Transformers: The Movie, is coming to Guitar Hero, according to the man behind the song.

Wait... it gets even better. Mr. Bush writes to Transformers fan resource to let music enthusiasts know that Activision has plans to release the feel-good rocker as a free download. When? Bush doesn't know, but we've pestered Activision spokesfolk to get confirmation and, hopefully, a release date.

If this does pan out, this is excellent news for Guitar Hero owners. Congratulations, Stan. You're not only a winner, you're also nobody's fool.

Oh, and big thanks to Mike Fahey, too, for drumming up support. He may have been instrumental in giving you "The Touch." The good kind.

Stan Bush: Botcon, Guitar Hero, Tribute video and more! [Seibertron - thanks, Chuck!]


    This is soooo awesome... now if only they make a mod that allows your guitar to shoot lasers aswell.

    I will play this song until my fingers fall off and my vocal chords are but dust.

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