R.U.S.E. Trailer Calls Ubisoft's Bluff

The announcement trailer for Ubisoft's real-time strategy title R.U.S.E. demonstrates exactly how bluffing works in the deception-fuelled game.

GameSpot has a preview up on the game, which uses a card mechanic to activate various types of deceptions that can be played against your opponent, such as sending out fake tanks that look real, causing your enemy to prepare for land battle when the real threat is coming from the skies, as seen in the trailer. Cards are dealt randomly at the beginning of each game, so you never know what tricks your opponent will have up their sleeve.

The game contains six different factions and elements of resource gathering, but the real goal is to get your forces squared off an enemy's and play the hand you've been dealt. Definitely an interesting twist on the genre. Check out the link below for GameSpot's full write up.

R.U.S.E. Exclusive First Impressions [GameSpot]


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