Russian Dolls 4 Dead

We love Left 4 Dead. We love arts & crafts. So do we love these Left 4 Dead Russian dolls? You bet your economic crisis-devalued bottom dollar we do.

Kotakuite Laserfire sends us these pics of his birthday present, lovingly crafted by his friends Mark and Abi Baker. There are five dolls, each modelled after a Left 4 Dead zombie, with (going from left to right, above) the Tank, Boomer, Smoker, Hunter and... zombie Left 4 Dead fan all featured.

The cat is not a Russian doll. It's just a cat.

left 4 dead doll 1.jpg

left 4 dead doll 2.jpg

left 4 dead doll 3.jpg

left 4 dead doll 4.jpg

left 4 dead doll 5.jpg


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