Saints Row 2 Getting New DLC

Time to dust off your copies of Saints Row 2, kids, because developers Volition have revealed that three new pieces of downloadable content are on their way to the 360 & PS3.

The first is called "Ultor Exposed", and will be out on April 16. It will include three new missions, a new co-op game mode where you score points for carnage, and a few new maps, vehicles and weapons.

As for the other two pieces of DLC, there's no details at this point.

Ultor will be 800 MS Points/USD$10. Which, in the wake of Lost & Damned's smorgasbord of content, seems awfully steep.

Saints Row getting three DLC packs [Eurogamer]


    I'm still playing SR2 what...5 months later, closer to 6?

    And how long is it since I last played GTA4? Much longer than that.

    GTA4's DLC is format-exclusive and having played SR2 in the interim I have no wish to be that frustrated again. I'll get SR2's DLC instead, thanks...on both PS3 and 360! Can't say I have any other games on both systems...

    I was actually trawling the Volition forums last night to see what DLC info there was. I should have saved my efforts for today, now I'm tired!

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