Saturday Timewaster: And We Really Mean It

Some wit cooked up a HD-version of Tetris - I can't even begin to count the grid here - which makes dying or clearing lines an agonisingly long process.

Everyone who's played this and blogged about it so far instead have created abstract art or raced each other to a fastest death time, some taking hours. I tried halfheartedly to work on clearing a line, but once you screw up the first piece and realise just how goddamn long it'll take to lay the foundation just to clear the line above it - forget it. I start dropping pieces like I'm a kindergartener drizzling out coloured sandcastles.

Certainly there is at least one masochist out in Kotakopolis who's willing to try to clear a line, or race their way to death. Good luck. Post your times in the comments below. Winner gets a big ol' cookie.

[Soviet Russia, via]


    Death at 7min 20sec

    20:18 of my life wasted to get a line and 20 points. Worth it.

    45:51 for a Tetris, it was only worth 160 points

    I class getting one line winning, so I won =D
    I don't think I have the patience or the skill to get more than that...
    (You'd have to a lot of skill or patience, or a good combination of both, to either not mess up, or keep going until you fix it and not mess up)

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