Screens From A Killing Floor

Following last Friday's announcement of their upcoming PC shooter Killing Floor, Tripwire Interactive sends along a handful of screenshots to help identify what we'll be killing on the floor, and how we'll be killing it.

There's an awful lot of rust and green in this set of screens, which I am sure has something to do with the contaminate that's turned London into the idea place to shoot reddish-creatures. They certainly seem a bit uniform, but perhaps that translates directly into more of them on the screen at once.

Perhaps I should run up the street and check this out at Tripwire's local studio.

killing floor screen 20090324 1.jpg

killing floor screen 20090324 2.jpg

killing floor screen 20090324 3.jpg

killing floor screen 20090324 4.jpg


    Looks like a remake of that "Blood" game from the 90s.

    I've been playing this mod since day one and love it, cant wait to get it on steam!

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