See OnLive In Action

Sure, there are some serious question marks over things like latency, but come on. It'd be a mean, mean person who wasn't even a little excited by OnLive's potential to change gaming.

Cloud computing, transcending the need for a particular console? Playable on your TV, your PC, or even your Mac? It's ground-breaking stuff. Provided it works.

Speaking of how it works, here are a couple of announcement interview clips, showing exactly that. How it works. Or at least hopes to work.


    I guess we wont be seeing this in Aus for another 10 years....

    so... how many decades, do we have to wait to ever seen something like this to hit oz? lol

    wow no comments yet, this is insane, huge potential!

    Isn't this strongly rumoured to be a [early] GameTrailers April Fools joke?

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