Sega Does the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics

Sega continues to milk their licence with the International Olympic Committee, announcing the development of Vancouver 2010, the Official Video Game of the Olympic Winter Games.

Despite poor review scores on their previous outing, Beijing 2008 developer Eurocom once again steps up to the plate for Sega, this time taking on the wide world of winter sports in Vancouver 2010. The official game of the Olympic Winter Games will offer authentic recreations of the more popular winter sporting events, from skiing to skiing to more skiing. Along with something called a challenge mode, which the official release doesn't explain, the game will also feature an "innovative" first-person mode, which is sure to make all that skiing even more exciting.

Vancouver 2010 is due out for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, appropriately enough in the winter summer of 2010.

vancouver 2010 screen 20090312 1.jpg

vancouver 2010 screen 20090312 2.jpg

vancouver 2010 screen 20090312 3.jpg

vancouver 2010 screen 20090312 4.jpg

vancouver 2010 screen 20090312 5.jpg


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