Sex-Rated Xbox Community Game Not All That Sexy

Sex-rated Xbox 360 community game Break One Out is a serviceable Breakout clone that rewards you with censored pictures of a naked woman. Video included.

It had to start somewhere... I just wish it wasn't here. Break One Out, created by Kaos nyrb, is a 30-level Breakout clone, with the blocks concealing pictures of someone named Kitty in various states of censored undress. It's a great concept, and they would have gotten away with it two if not for the fact that in several of the pictures, Kitty seems to be channeling John Lithgow in drag from The World According to Garp. Might be exciting for you; not so much for me.

As a Breakout clone it actually isn't too bad. I love the ability to speed up the balls using the trigger buttons, and the fact that multiple balls will actually ricochet off each other adds a nice little twist to the normal formula. Not a 200 Microsoft point twist, but neat nonetheless.

Still, you're probably better off downloading one of the internet's 12 million Breakout clones while doing a Google image search for "Naked women who don't look like John Lithgow".

Oh, and as promised, here's the vid, courtesy of CVG.


    Hey now, be fair. John Lithgow is one sexy mother flipper.

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