Sheva's Sexy Secret Costume

Survival horror game Resident Evil 5 is already out in Japan. As players have pointed out, it's possible to "purchase" new outfits by unlocking them. Hard work, but just might be worth it.

Pictured is an unlockable outfit for RE5 character Sheva, who's an agent of the West African branch of the BSAA. Her duds are skimpy, and there's body paint involved.

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    Nice motorboating from Redfield.


    It's not so much as racist... Which closed-minded people are ranting about. It's more of being sexist, which of course Japan is laughably notorious for! HAHAHAHA!

      This is definately a eurocentric view of what is "beautiful" in Africa. And as we all know, the videogame/animation industry in Japan holds all things Western very high. How could you say it is NOT an issue of RACE? Why did they feel that in order for this to represent an African woman, she had to be scantily clothed (as many believe that Africans walk the land stark naked) and covered in body paint? This is 2009, and though the motherland (beginning of civilization) does preserve a lot of the traditional African customs/aspects of culture...."Sheva" the African warrior was UNNECESSARY. It's offensive, and I know that anyone who understands cultural sensitivity can agree.

        Hey... The 1st time I saw RE5's trailer, I thought it was a bit racist too. But after seeing the game itself, well... it has some white characters AND the story takes place in the beautiful (it is, even with all those tragical issues and wars) and wild Africa.
        And you kill the "zombies" (though i wouldn't call zombies to these new ones... after all, they are possessed by those nasty and evil things, lots of them aren't even dead, i think :S Zombie is a non-living being) because they are the enemy and not by own choice they are in that plot (i the beginning of the game, they do not harm Chris), just like you've killed plenty of white characters in the previous games.

        About Sheva: I love her! I love the idea of making a female playable character, gorgeous and bada** like she is! And I understand the use of some of the ornaments: supposedly, she is a character attached to her culture. She wears ethnic bracelets, necklace, as many african girls wear too. She is feminine, but knows how to fire a shotgun. Clever, and polite and friendly.
        And she has 23 years, supposedly, and you know that lots of people nowadays as the body tattooed or body painted (and those bodypainted symbols and tattos have always some special meaning, right?). So do not take from that.
        Beauty sells, so that must be why she is pretty (besides the fact that there are amazingly beautiful African women too!).
        I don't think there is something wrong with her at all - or Africa doesn't have beautiful girls?...
        Not even the jungle costume, because Chris has one as well (quite ridiculous, i think X) and there's one scenario in a deep deep jungle. They're just curious extras, nothing more, and they are not to take personally.


    First of all, cultural sensitivity is stupid and unrealistic.

    Second of all, Sheva is not supposed to be realisic. The outfit is designed to make her look like a stereotype.
    And yes, she fits a western beauty ideal because WESTERNERS ARE THE TARGET DEMOGRAPHIC FOR THE GAME!
    I cannot stress this enough. Games are made to sell, and sex sells.

    It has absolutely nothing to do with african culture. They took a pretty girl, put some extra revealing clothes on her, and tried to make the whole thing as tribal and jungle-people esque as possible by doing animal patterns and tribal war paint etc.

    Sheva does not represent an african woman, she represents what most men would LIKE, not only an african woman, but every woman to be like.

    This argument is like the racism claim against Resident Evil 5.. What the hell did people expect from a game set in AFRICA?

    I think she looks hot and they (chris and sheva) should totally do it.

    To be honest this game was not made to be racist but some people play the game just to kill black people. But besides the fact people do that this game was made just to show how sexy sheva and rocking chris saved the world from the virus not to be racist. You may think the game is racist but thats your fault for thinking of resident evil 5 the wrong way

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