Sigourney Weaver Said 'No, Thanks' To Ghostbusters

Re: the Ghostbusters game, Sigourney Weaver is on record as saying she was never contacted about a Ghostbusters game. The game's developers, however, tell a different story.

Speaking at a press event in Stockholm, Sweden yesterday, Brendan Goss - from developers Terminal Reality - revealed that the Aliens star was indeed offered a part. Which she promptly turned down. But only temporarily!

See, once Weaver found out the game was the real deal, and that even Bill Murray was involved, Weaver wanted back in. By then, though, the game's production had moved on, another "leading lady" was put in the game and Weaver was left out in the cold.

You snooze, lady, you lose.

Sigourney Weaver turned down [GameReactor]


    lol Too bad for her..."You snooze, lady, you lose" - love it.. soooo true. And I'm glad that they moved production on and didnt look back because it shows they're committed to making a great game, not something thats gonna pack in as many big names as they can at the expense of the story.

    Hahahahahaha SUCK IT RIPLEY!

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