So, How Many 360 Games Are Any Good?

So, How Many 360 Games Are Any Good?

Picture the scene: your mum walks into GameStop. She walks to the Xbox 360 section, and picks out a game for your birthday. At random. What are the odds she picks a good one?

Market research firm EEDAR are on-hand to help you find out. Having tracked every Xbox 360 game’s score in Metacritic, they’ve found that 13% of Xbox 360 games average a review score of 85 or higher. That’s 48 games. Leaving 49% of games scoring between 66-84%, and 38% of games scoring 65 or lower.

So odds are good she’ll get you a game that’s… well, if not Crackdown, then at least halfway decent.

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  • Games review these days are too journalisticly written. I want a review that says “The graphics suck, the sound is uninspiring, there is a bunch of screen tearing, the story makes no sense, but oh my god the game is unbelievably fun!!!!!”. Not something that looks at the same points and says it’s a 5 out of 10.
    Too Human (60-something percent) is in the top few games if you ask me. One of my all time favourite games, Hybrid Heaven on the N64, averages about 40%. If I had listened to reviewers I would never have found these gems. Go out and make your own opinion

  • Pete, I’ve become a fan of G4’s x-play reviews precisely for that reason- the guy doing it talks about what he likes and doesn’t like. He’s said time and time again that if it was up to him he’d dump the score system altogether. His follow-up soapbox videos are fantastic justifications for his feelings, too.

    Even if you don’t agree with him, he’s at least honest about his thoughts.

  • I don’t want to sound like a viral advertiser but with EB Games willing to price match and with a 7 day no questions asked returns policy, I hardly even read reviews these days, If it looks interesting I buy it and hope for the best, if it isn’t I just take it back and get my money back or the next game on my list.

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