So, How Many Copies Does A Wii Game Need To Sell To Make Money?

Nintendo are making money off the Wii. We know. But if you're not Nintendo, and you're planning on releasing a Wii game (or re-releasing a PS2 game), how many do you need to sell?

Nintendo of America's Reggie Fils-Aime has a fair idea. Speaking in broad terms, he reckons the average Wii game needs to sell a million copies to start turning a profit. Sounds easy, except...not many Wii games have sold a million copies.

In fact, of the 486 games currently on the system (according to the New York Times), only 16 have sold one million or more units (and that's according to the NPD Group). And of those 16, 9 are Nintendo titles.

Meaning only seven games published by a third party have sold a million or more units. That's...not many. Sure, Reggie was speaking in averages (so some games that have sold under a million may have cost little to develop, offsetting that), but still. Averages go the other way, too.

Goes to show, the Wii isn't the automatic money-printer you may think it is!

Oh. Unless you're Nintendo.

Video Game Makers Challenged by the Next Wave of Media [NY Times]


    A million copies????
    Thats hard to believe. I was under the impression that a good wii game was about 30% the cost of developement of a good 360 game. Considering improved Art, AI, physics etc of a 360 game.

    I wonder how many games a 360 or PS3 has to sell to break even?

    WOW - my guess was 10 copies. Considering the amount of crap on the Wii I thought I was being conservative in my guess as well...

    The only good thing about the xbox & ps3 is they make a fantastic fishing sinker, lol lol lol !!

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