So, How Many People Have Used PlayStation Home?

Sony's Home has weathered its fair share of insults since launch. But putting arguments over the service's usefulness aside for a moment, lets today look at some numbers.

Speaking with GameDaily, Sony's Peter Dille has revealed a few user statistics for the service. Did you know, for example, that the average user spends 55 minutes in Home per session? Or that, since launch late last year, there have been four million "users" (which, in any online service where they don't specify "active users" usually means the total number of registered accounts) in Home? You most certainly do now.

So what do those numbers mean for Sony? Bad news first: they either mean there are a lot of PS3 owners who don't connect to the internet, or there are a lot of PS3 owners who simply don't care about Home. Probably a good mix of both, because for a free service pitched as such an important part of the PlayStation Network, four million is a pretty low figure.

And the good news? Well, for those amongst the 4 million who still regularly use the service, an average of 55 minutes per session is surprisingly high. That's a lot of time spent seeing Sony ads and, hopefully, building a Home "community", even if it's not breaking down how much of that time is spent loading spaces, playing games or simply wandering around and chatting/grinding.

Interview: Peter Dille Says Publishers are 'Fired Up' for PlayStation [GameDaily]


    there was a very interesting article on the escapist not too long ago, which suggested linking the trophies to Home, like Xgolds Ysilver Zbronze trophies would grant you online perks, better gear for you avatar or items for your apartment, seems like a great idea to encourage people to grind those last points out of a game, and to reward people for doing so, the article also suggested it would mean people might buy multiplatform games on the ps3 rather then the x-box to get new items. seems like a great idea to me, if you guys are interested i could find the article for you.

    I checked out Home on launch, and so did a lot of others, it was pretty packed in there. I've been back in from time to time as new content is released, but definitely don't just hang out in there.

    After entering Home on the weekend just past, it's clear there's now dramatically less people in there.

    In the launch screen where you recieve updates, it did say there's more new content on the way this week.

    Really the potential is high with Home, but the value has yet to be recognized. I purchased a clubroom, filled it with furniture and wanted to use it as a promotional tool for my website -

    The problem is you can't (yet) bring in external content like images or video, yet the clubroom provides a screen that would be perfect for it.

    Seems like a wasted opportunity so far, they should have rolled new content each week and kept excitement about the platform high.

    i think i may be the only girl who uses playstation home.

    it has resulted in being dogged by unrealistically tall and muscular avatars "tryin to gett a honi's numba".


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