Some Guy: Games Will Deform Your Children's Fingers

Mike Tomich is a backyard scientist with a mission: to stop little kids from playing video games. Why? Beause he thinks that grabbing those big plastic controllers will deform their little fingers.


Citing "5 1/2 years of research" and a bunch of photos with lines on them, Tomich says that kids under the age of 8 shouldn't be allowed to use computers or game controllers, because they warp and deform the growth of their fingers.

Before you light pitchforks and cry "BAD SCIENCE", though, spare a thought for the poor crayon industry, because Tomich and his gang also recommend that nobody under the age of 5 uses crayons.

Mike. Tell me. How many people over the age of 5 use crayons?

Our Silent Epidemic [via Gizmodo]


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