Sony Holding Patapon 2 Demos For Ransom

Demos are advertising. Interactive, sometimes enjoyable advertising, true, but advertising nonetheless. It was stupid, then, when Sony restricted access to the Killzone 2 demo. Restricting access for a Patapon 2 demo is even stupider.

But that's exactly what's happening! Sony Computer Entertainment America are releasing a demo for the game "exclusively" to those who preorder the game from GameStop or Amazon. As in, the people so keen for the game they'll put money down to reserve a copy. As in, the last people on earth who need a demo. Curious about the game but unsure whether you want to actually reserve one or not? Tough!

As with the Killzone 2 demo, though, there's a way around this digital/iron curtain. Just create, or login to your European PSN account, as a Patapon 2 demo has been available there since last week, no strings attached.

Pata-post Friday Presents: Patapon 2 Demo [PlayStation]


    They are so smart!

    lol, that's even stupider than the fact that they released the demo and the download of the game here at the same time. The only reason I grabbed the demo first is because I remembered in the original game, carrying your save from the demo to the full game gave you a bonus item- and that's the case with this demo, too.

    But on the topic of the game, it's freakin' sweet. It's basically Patapon but with tons more, so if you loved the first one get it, if you didn't love the first one... you should buy it anyway, just because.

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