Sony Offering Better Terms, Cash Money For PSN Developers

The PS3 has struggled in a lot of areas, yes. But there's one area it's led the competition, and that's in promoting a strong lineup of excellent, original content for digital download.

So it may shiver your timbers to hear that Sony are looking to expand their roster by offering cash for PSN games, with a scheme called "Pub Fund". It's aimed at enticing more developers - especially independent ones - to come up with original content for the PlayStation Network, by offering cold, hard cash.

Basically, Sony are pledging to "match your development budget with guaranteed royalties". So every dollar spent in development, you'll make back in these guaranteed royalties. That's a tempting offer, especially when you consider that, under the terms of the deal, the developer maintains not only the rights to the IP, but will serve as the game's publisher, responsible for things like setting its retail price.

The first game to be released under the scheme, Burn Zombie Burn, came out today. Any budding devs out there who would like a piece of that action (or at least ask some questions), go bug devrel-sceaATplaystationDOTsonyDOTcom.

GDC 09: Sony's Pub Fund [IGN]


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