Sony Sound Fed Up With Calls For A Price Cut

You may have heard, the PlayStation 3 is expensive. Not "private jet" expensive, sure, but compared to the Wii and 360, it's expensive. So people want it cheaper. Sony, however, are having none of it.

Despite publishers, analysts and consumers calling repeatedly for a price cut on the machine, SCE America's senior vice president of marketing Peter Dille sounds positively fed up with other people telling him how to do his job. "Everybody in the development community would love for the PS3 to be free", Dille told Bloomberg, "so they could just sell razor blades".

Why so huffy? It's an understandable request. After all, razor blades are expensive!

Sony Faces Heat From Game Publishers to Cut PS3 Price [Bloomberg]


    if they droped the price $100 dollars here in Aus id defs buy one, and im sure alot of other people would to

    I have to agree, if the ps3 was cheaper i'd own. I already have the the 360, wii and DS. Your loss sony.

    I agree with him... its no secret we pay more in Australia for our consoles than the US, yet we dont seem to be the ones bitching all the time. But anyway look at the end of the day if they could give them away and still make a profit they would but they CANT. Developers, publishers, analysts, etc just cant seem to get that through their thick skulls. Sony dont want to lose any more than they have to, and when the time is right for them to drop the price (when manufacturing costs go down) then it'll happen. Until then I wish everyone else should shut up. If you cant afford one then fine.. me? I paid $1000 for mine on launch and I havent regretted it; unreal machine with unreal games.

    Oh Sony... I'd nearly forgotten how petty and self-important you were!

    Oh gimme a break... $100? Instead of waiting for sony to drop the price by $100, why not find a way to increase your income by $100? it's not rocket science

    If you look to your left ladies and gentlemen, you will see Sony apologists trying to explain away their buyer's remorse.

    Maybe it isn't about increasing income, but maybe it IS about value for money. Sony offers little that the Xbox doesn't for a much lower price. Granted, the exclusives that PS3 has are (sometimes) very worthy games, but not enough to offset the high price. The PS3 was designed to line Sony's pockets over the next 15 years with Blu-ray, nothing more. The PS3 will continue to receive little attention from Sony as a whole because it has done its job. You are a gamer who has some sort of anthropomorphic vision of a large, faceless mega-corporation and what it thinks about you.

    It doesn't like you. You are a revenue stream. Learn this, live with it and take advantage of Sony as much as Sony does of you.

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