Sony's Buzz! Devs Have A 'Secret Project'

The men and women who toil away at Sony's popular Buzz! franchise, churning out sequels and expansions to please their overlords, are hard at work on a secret project, currently known as "Secret Project."

Catchy, eh? Yes, very. While the UK-based Relentless Software isn't divulging details on its "Secret Project" yet, it has put out the human resources feelers, looking for currently unemployed talent who know how to keep a secret.

Relentless merely teases the title with a quartet of carefully mosaicked screenshots, which might lead one to believe it to be based on Japanese hardcore pornography. Not so! Secret Project is almost guaranteed to be a multiplayer game with a casual bent, as the company's web site notes "We've taken everything we've learned about making social games and the result is what, for the time being, is known as Secret Project #1."

Whatever the game is, it looks like Sony isn't publishing this one. Relentless says the game is planned to be a "self-published" affair. Could they be making their way to another platform? Will it be digitally distributed, without the need for a publisher? Or do these guys just have something to prove?

Guess we'll know in "the coming months."

Secret Project [Relentless Software via Eurogamer]


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