Square Enix Execs Take Self-Imposed Pay Cut

Financial forecasts slashed, stocks plunging. Times are hard for Japanese role-playing-game maker Square Enix.

While some other execs might pass the buck and make cuts everywhere except for their own salaries, Square Enix's Yoichi Wada is not some other exec.

In a recently released briefing from last month, Wada explained, "In recognition of the latest results, we're cutting the remuneration of three executive directors by 15 percent. The three directors are myself, our Vice-President Keiji Honda, and Director and Chief Financial Officer Yosuke Matsuda. This reduction is for an indefinite period. In the meantime, we intend to stand up straight and push ahead with reforms."

Sure, Wada makes gobs of money. Even with the 15 percent cut, he still probably makes gobs of money — just percent less gobs. But seeing an exec stand up and show he's willing to take a hit for the company does offer fuzzy feelings. Imperial Hot? No, Imperial Heart.


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