Star Wars Vehicles Enough To Make Grown Nerds Weep

Star-Wars-BB-1-Package-.jpgThese Star Wars Vehicles are the stuff nerdgasms are made of. Highly detailed and cast in metal, each model is impressively crafted and comes complete with a fully illustrated magazine explaining the vehicle's and navigator's stories, a behind the scenes look at the blockbuster films, as well as a Starship Encyclopaedia, outlining every vehicle in the Star Wars universe. But what's that you say? Think you already know everything there is about flash speeders, podracers and skyhoppers; their firepower, their mechanics? We shall see, Padawan. We shall see.

For your chance to win one of these awesome Star Wars Vehicles, stay tuned to Kotaku.


    I just looked into this... 60 issues in the UK, and here they'll be 20 bucks each... that's over a grand! Ouch!

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