Steam To Offer In-Game Downloadable Content

Valve have today announced that Steam - which already takes care of most other in-game needs for the PC market - will now be offering in-game downloadable content procurement as well.

What does this mean? You'll be able to get the DLC from the same program you're launching and managing the main game from, instead of fishing around somewhere else for it. Just fire up the game, hit shift-tab and you can shop to your heart's content.

Convenient? Yes. Just don't be surprised if that convenience comes at a cost when you find in six months that some of the map packs PC gamers used to get for free suddenly are not free.

The first game to take advantage of in-game DLC will be The Maw, but since the feature can be accessed from any game - old or new, purchased from Steam or from retail - it certainly won't be the last.


    I actually noticed this just the other day when I installed 'Empire: Total War'. If you right click it in the steam games list one of the options in the popup menu is 'view downloadable content' I checked all my other games and couldn't see it so figured it was something new.

    I'm more worried about the performance aspect of the game. My older favorites amongst the steam games, CS and TF2, are huge resource hogs. Even opening the Steam menu from in game can be taxing on even the best rig. I fear that attempts to manage dlc from inside the game would worsen this even more.

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