Street Fighter IV Sparks Street Fighter Tournaments

With the release of Street Fighter IV, many places are seeing something they haven't in a long time: Street Fighter tournaments.

Take Malaysia, the country just hosted its first Street Fighter IV tourney, which apparently also marks the first SF tournament in ten years.

While Street Fighter tournaments never died in places like Japan and the United States (among other places!), it's nice to see a resurgence.

The great thing about SFIV is that it's more than a game release, but also a jump start for fighting game culture for places like Malaysia.

Street Fighter mania erupts [The Star]


    Good news, be good to have that here in Perth! I still cant even get a proper controller here!

    @The Kula: Gametraders are trying to start up a monthly SF4 tournament. After the game launch at Reading Cinemas a couple of weeks back, the turn out was great. They were happy to see so many players turn up and have a good time playing.

    Contact Gametraders... possibly the one in Carillon City and they might hook you up with more news.

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