Tales Of Vesperia Dated For Australia

Tales Of Vesperia Dated For Australia
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Namco Bandai’s RPG is regarded as one of the finest in its genre on the Xbox 360. It’s been out in Japan and North America since last August. Now, finally, it’s coming to Australia (and Europe!) in… June.


    • I’m replying here so that it’s safe from spoiling anything for anyone. Sounds like you’re on the right track, and have everything you need to finish the puzzle.

      What i did to get to the very end, is – in notepad – go through the puzzle separately for Porto and Ghast, side by side.

      For example:
      Porto Ghast
      mario luigi
      5 3
      o i

      and repeat.

      Sorry if I’ve given away too much, but it seems to like you’ve done the grunt of it, so it’s only a matter of perspective.

      • Thanks dude, I did actually solve it on my own eventually. Wasn’t completely intuitive, but I worked it out eventually. Thanks though 🙂

      • To explain what my problem was exactly, I was “reading” the images left to right, top to bottom. So I was ending up with a jumbled mess like jangoieeddmmieaaen. It took me a while to think about trying to actually read top to bottom, left to right, but once I did I got the answer.

        • Haha yeah I went down that rabbit hole, too. Glad you got there! Definitely one of the better thought-out puzzles. Interested to see what they have planned for the last two.

  • yaaaaaay, been looking forward to this since symphonia, it’s about time 😀

    Michael, if you liked symphonia, from what ive been reading this will be much more like symphonia then symph 2, and is much much better then symph 2 too

  • AT LAST!!!!!! Yay! I hope they will start to release more Tales of series in PAL on the 360 and make the release as same as the NTSC market OR hell, do it REGION FREE!!!

  • I bet their exuse is still “Australia = PAL = gotta wait for the eurolanguage versions”, too. What a joke. Namco-Bandai are a pack of absolute wankers for their regioning shenadigans (do I really need to bring up that they region-lock Japan-only titles again?).

  • Whats the point Namco? wheres my PS3 version? I’ve played every single major iteration of your series and you treat me like this!!!
    Anyway, Michael, just play Symphonia 2 it’ll make you more satisfied as a Tales of fan after you’ve kicked the shit out of Lloyd.

  • I thought this would never happen. Imported the Asian English release last year instead. Worth every cent (though admittedly this is one of my favourite JRPG series). ToS2 doesn’t even come close in comparison, honestly. It’s arguably the best that the franchise has ever produced, though it loses to Tales of the Abyss in a few minor points.

  • No f*cking way am I paying full price for a game that’s over 6 months old.

    Take you’re region locked bullshit and shove it up you’re arse namco, and you can go and get fucked too square!!

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