Team Rocket Sent Blasting Off from Poké-Launch

Some bogus flyers promising "exclusive Mystery Gifts" caused quite a foofaraw [What? - AU Ed]at yesterday's Pokémon Platinum Launch in New York. Team Rocket is being blamed for the disturbance. Yes, really.

The slightly 'shopped flyer mentioning gifts (above) went up outside the Nintendo World Store launch party yesterday. Why, who could be behind such a plot? None other than those fiendish, diabolical, no good son-of-a-bitch bastards from Team Rocket. Says The PKM Database:

A rotund, bearded, and generally unkempt individual dressed as a Team Rocket grunt was escorted out of the event by security for distributing a very hacked level 100 shiny Gengar from Lovely Place.

I have no idea what a very hacked level 100 shiny Gengar is, but it sounds tasty. PKM Database added that "there were at least 2 reported Wi-Fi Mystery Gift signals," and the stink was enough to prompt warnings, over World Store intercom, not to download any mystery gifts as they would surely corrupt your Pokemans. If I knew anything about this universe I'd make a snide pun right here.

I can't tell if GoNintendo was being facetious or not, but they offered that picture (at left) as a possible image of the suspect. "I've seen this guy at almost every Pokemon event I can think of at the Nintendo World Store," GoNintendo writes. "Either he absolutely snapped, or the event staff was working with him to just have a little fun."

Nintendo World Store Launch Party Mystery Gift DISASTER
[The PKM Database via GoNintendo]


    Man, what a prick! All the time I spent EV training my pokemon to lvl 100 and this sack of fat is giving away hacked Gengars...hacked pokemon are for babies who don't know a goddamn thing about Pokemon training!

    So When is it out in Australia?/ I heard April 30

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