Tecmo Announcing The Greatest _____ Game Ever At GDC

The PlayStation faithful may want to mark March 24th down on their calendars, as Tecmo says it will be announcing a brand new title on the second day of this year's Game Developers Conference.

Tecmo hasn't revealed the platform on which this mystery title will be released, but considering the announcement is happening at the PlayStation Store at the Metreon in San Francisco... well, we think it would be poor form to announce a new Wii title there. Tecmo PR says the "hot new title" will be "the greatest "_____" game, ever!" It promises. It also promises a Q&A session with an unnamed development producer/director.

Make sure you're around at 4 PM with anticipation set at maximum levels. Let's hope that Tecmo realises it already announced Quantum Theory. Because that would be _____.


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