Tekken Dev Reckons Game Will Influence Design Of Next Xbox

Need a new reference point for the old saying "delusions of grandeur"? Look no further than Tekken 6 head Katsuhiro Harada, who thinks his game might help influence the way Microsoft makes the next Xbox.

Yes, really.

Speaking with British magazine X360, Harada said:

It is a challenge to fit this game onto one DVD and to make sure the data is read at a fast rate.

It is essential to utilise the 360's functions and strengths to the fullest in order to accomplish the same goal. I believe that the data and experience gained during development may affect development of the next iteration of the console.

Right. Tekken. Best stop calling it the Xbox 720, then. The Tekkenbox 360 might be more in keeping with Harada's grand vision.

Next Xbox could be affected by Tekken 6 tech [NowGamer


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