The Beatles Game Gets Never Before Heard 'Stuff'

MTV Games rhythm game based on The Beatles will feature more than just the Fab Four's number ones and B-sides. The Beatles: Rock Band is getting "never been heard, never been released" content too.

Dhani Harrison, son of Beatles guitarist George Harrison, tells Billboard that, in addition to being a "totally, historically accurate" trip through the band's storied music career, a little something old and something new will be included. What that is, exactly, Harrison won't say quite yet.

The son of George says he was instrumental to the genesis of the project, noting that he "took the project to Apple and sort of convinced everybody to have a presentation." That was two years ago, according to Dhani Harrison.

With The Beatles: Rock Band launching on September 9th, we expect a very slow drip of news to come from the MTV Games and Harmonix camps, making the wait for concrete details on the game as headache-inducing as the work on Harrison's part.

Dhani Harrison Talks New Band, Beatles Video Game [Billboard via Destructoid]


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