The Halo Universe Expanded: Part One

In the first of a new series of videos dealing with the expansion of the Halo universe, members of Bungie, Ensemble, and the gaming press talk Halo history.

The Halo universe isn't just Master Chief. I know, I know; that's a hard fact for some fans to swallow. Between the novels, the first-person shooter trilogy, and now Halo Wars, there's a pretty rich universe to explore, and this video series aims to explore it, from the Spartans origins as a force to keep humanity in line to Master Chief's last stand.


    Why does Kotaku have -every- page set up to refresh every couple of minutes, its makes me want to cry. Streaming any decent length video is impossible when the page refreshes during buffering.

    @Chris Lowery

    Apologies. I realise how inconvenient this is, but it will be fixed as part of our upcoming re-design.

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