The King Of Fighters XII Gets New Fighters, Smoother Graphics For Consoles

When The King of Fighters XII comes to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this July, it will come with some swell, console-exclusive bonuses, including a new graphics mode and an expanded roster.

New shots of the game in action were released today, showing off an optional anti-aliasing graphical style, one that makes SNK Playmore fighting royalty a little less pixelated. These shots represent our first look at that mode, according to Joystiq. Never was a fan myself. Specifically, of anti-aliasing on 2D visuals.

In other The King of Fighters XII developments, producer Masaako Kukino reveals in the newest issue of Game Informer that when the 2D fighter comes home, it will do so with a roster beyond the 20 confirmed for the arcade release. Any requests?

king of fighters screen 20090317 1.jpg

king of fighters screen 20090317 2.jpg

king of fighters screen 20090317 3.jpg



    Rock Howard
    Khushnood Butt
    Yuri Sazaki
    Billy Kane
    Mai Shiranui
    ...Yeah those ones! All those ones!

    Woohoo gotta love the 2d fighting games being released right now.Can honestly say I wasnt a big fan before KoF 12 but the game looks great and cant wait till its finally spinning on my xbox.Please keep us updated Kotaku cause info is a little rare at the moment.thanx.

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