The Mouse Sent Back In Time To Kill Sarah Connor

Ask PC gaming snobs why they prefer playing games on a rig to a console and they'll tell you, it's the controls. Pads just can't match the speed and accuracy of a mouse and keyboard.

And it looks like few things on earth (at least, the earth of the present) can match the accuracy of this Japanese mouse. Manufactured by Elecom, it's called the Scope Node, and bases its claims not on the specs inside the mouse, but on the placement of the sensor, which has been thrown out of kilter to match the same spot a pen tip would go. If you were using a pen, that is, and not a mouse.

It's certainly different. And promising. But PC gamers shouldn't be looking into it for its accuracy. No, you should be looking into it because:

a) it looks like it comes from the future, and

b) it's made out of the hand of the dude from Bioforge.

Elecom Scope Node Laser Mouse Clearly Built With Robot Paws in Mind [Gizmodo]


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