The Ocarina Of Rhyme

You may have noticed, most of us are partial to a little rap with our supper. And even more partial to rap remixes that dub vocals over the top of Zelda tunes.

The wonderfully-named Ocarina of Rhyme features ten tracks, including pairings like Aesop Rock & Goron Village, MF Doom & Horse Race at Lon Lon Ranch and Dre/Snoop over the Zelda treasure theme.

Some of the misses are misses, but the hits, oh my, they hit. You can download the entire album free of charge at the link below.

The Ocarina Of Rhyme [8Tracks, via Offworld]


    Shame it has nothing to do with the content of the game. I was expecting another Duanne and Brando :(
    Now that's rap I've listened to on repeat for most of my day.

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